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Udi-Ezeagu USA (Atlanta Chapter) is a US-based membership organization with affiliate chapters and individual members spread all over the continental USA. Our mission is to unite the indigenes of Udi and Ezeagu and to play a vital role in the process of our own development as a community. We hope to make an impact on education, rural development, and economic empowerment of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. Above all, we want to facilitate peace and unity among our people, so we can collectively set our agenda, solve our common problems, and unite behind a common vision for all.  With a common vision, imagine the possibilities! We are reaching out to our folks everywhere to build synergy, capacity, and organization to deliver to our community at home the necessary resources to help them make the most of their lives.

The one-of-a-kind free health screening center at the 9th Mile Corner, near Enugu in Nigeria is the flagship project of Udi-Ezeagu USA. The doors of this facility still remain open today due to the generosities of members of this organization and good Samaritans who heed our requests for support.

In October 2013, at the Los Angeles Summit, Udi Ezeagu USA celebrated achievements and charted a path to extend the progress of the FREE health screening center beyond the Udi and Ezeagu communities in Enugu State, Nigeria. To that end, the Udi-Ezeagu National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 6 - 8, 2014, will seek "Partnerships in Healthcare" from businesses, good Samaritans, hospitals, and industry experts beyond the shores of Nigeria.

We have made good strides, but there's a lot more work ahead. With your help, we will reach our goal.

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